REALM Announces Big Changes to Membership

July 28, 2023 by Julie Faupel

We created REALM for you with the understanding that pride in service is a scarce resource, a differentiator amongst elite trusted communities.  Together, we have proven that by utilizing technology to enhance interactions, create connections and bring down the historic silos that existed from relic paradigms, REALM empowers human connection and networking at a level that never existed before.

The success of REALM is indisputable. It’s rewarding to hear the testimonials from each of you about how your business is immeasurably better because of your engagement with REALM.

We do not want to compromise the integrity of our community for the sake of growth. With that in mind, the decision has been made to offer only 100 more memberships in select U.S. markets and then we are capping the membership for New Members.

The real estate industry often looks to size and scale with the masses. REALM’s focus remains solely on the elite Top Producers and elevating the production of those who truly are defining the future of real estate. The focus from hereon will be to build the production, the referrals, and the resources of our core community.

REALM; You are right where you belong.