Intentional, in-person brand experiences proving most successful: Women in Luxury 2023

Following the height of the global health crisis, consumers are coming back together with the expectation that brands reflect this renewed focus on connection.

As part of Women in Luxury 2023 programming, Luxury Daily hosted a marketer, researcher and entrepreneur for a remote conversation on the purchasing behavior and evolving preferences of female customers. Each a leader in her respective field, panelists detailed the lasting importance of online storytelling and offline, sensory-focused efforts on the part of high-end brands during a segment entitled “State of Affluent Women Consumers.”

“Luxury did so well in the United States and in North America in the last three years during [COVID-19], and I would argue that’s because luxury is the most experiential of all the categories,” said Marie Driscoll, managing director of luxury and retail at Coresight Research, New York.

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