Millennials: The Growing Market


Millennials represent the largest consumer group, the most diverse, the most influential and the most technologically savvy. As the youngest Millennials will have turned 18 in 2018, it is growing important to learn about their spending habits and purchasing preferences.

$100K Annual incomes of 11.8 million millennials aged 18-30 in the U.S.

$200 Billion Estimated annual spending power of millennials

$10 Trillion Projected lifetime spending power of millennials

Adults, aged 18-33 make up 13% of all luxury consumption and that number is growing. Millennials are expected to outspend baby boomers, making them the largest generational segment in the luxury market.

Millennials prefer brands who offer a unique experience, value for their money and great customer service. As Millennials prefer experiences over things, they heavily weigh a brands customer experience into their perception of a brand.

To meet this growing demand, REALM was developed. REALM is changing how real estate is discovered, modernizing the real estate experience with aggregation of data at a global scale. The premier global real estate category is a multi-trillion dollar per year industry, but the current offerings have not evolved to meet modern demands. Current services are largely transactional and antiquated rather than bespoke and customized. REALM represents a group of real estate professionals committed to evolving the current model.

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