How to Recruit and Keep Top Performers

recruit and keep top performers

Fixating on your customer isn’t strange—it’s essential. At least that’s what sales expert and Chase Business Insights Seminar speaker Ryan Estis recommends. In this recently published article, Chase for Business series Culture Imperative, Estis shows readers how to drive growth with customer obsession, and Julie Faupel, REALM founder, gives advice on keeping top performers engaged.

Faupel’s firm achieved 80 percent growth in 2018 by abandoning the cutthroat culture so common within real estate. Instead, the firm emphasizes collaboration, holding weekly, standing-room-only meetings where agents and brokers are encouraged to seek the advice of fellow employees to resolve problems and develop creative solutions.

“We’re all capitalizing on each other’s experiences,” Faupel says. “If we can work on this together, then we have a greater likelihood of being successful.”

Great company culture starts with your hiring process. Inspired by the game-changers at Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, here are four of Julie’s favorite best practices to ensure your recruiting and onboarding process drives growth in 2019 and beyond:

1. Develop a “talent-seeking” culture

2. Build a healthy pipeline

3. Paint an accurate picture of the job’s demands

4. Be available during new hire transitions

Full article and best practices explained can be found here.