New company uses data to match luxury properties and buyers

Inman news recently published an article featuring REALM and its technology that uses data to match luxury properties and buyers.

In the article, Inman says “A new company is building a system that will use data and artificial intelligence to match high-end properties with consumers’ lifestyle preferences and leisure activities.”

They go on to say, “Realm describes itself as a “subscription based, member-exclusive global luxury collective,” and is being designed to connect agents across different markets. Julie Faupel, the new venture’s CEO, told Inman that participating agents will be able to input their luxury clients’ personal information into a database that will then identify properties that might not otherwise have been on their radars.”

Though currently in the testing phase, with an official launch scheduled for June 1, Realm has built a system that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning to connect consumers with properties. Participating agents begin by importing their clients and listings from whatever customer relationship manager (CRM) they use. Realm’s system then generates tags that describe both those listings and clients. Read full article >>

Inman article by: Jim Dalrymple II on April 3, 2019