REALM Mastermind: Thriving in a New Paradigm

In light of the recent NAR Settlement, REALM will host a virtual Mastermind this Thursday at 1pm EST / 10am PT regarding the future of the real estate industry. With industry leaders Mauricio Umansky, Paul Benson, and Mark McLaughlin, and moderated by Matt Faupel, we’ll discuss how we strategically position ourselves not only as beneficiaries of its evolution but also as pioneering leaders and collaborative partners.

Influences in my life

This week I’m taking inspiration from International Women’s Day to talk about someone that inspires me. I was a Senior in High School when I met Sheila Skolnick. My dad met her in a payphone bank in New York City and they shared an instant connection. As years progressed, Sheila became my step-mom and a friend, she’s a rabid, card-carrying member of my fan club and she’s been an incredible influence on my life.


As some of you know, I am a huge fan of anything spiritual and I enjoy incorporating a bit of the “woo-woo” of ancient wisdoms into my vernacular and my beliefs. A few years ago I was fortunate to have a soul-reading from an intuitive here in Jackson Hole. She described it as “googling” the universe and seeing what it returned relative to your past lives and some of the lessons that (perhaps) this life can teach.