February 10, 2023 by Julie Faupel


As some of you know, I am a huge fan of anything spiritual and I enjoy incorporating a bit of the “woo-woo” of ancient wisdoms into my vernacular and my beliefs. A few years ago I was fortunate to have a soul-reading from an intuitive here in Jackson Hole. She described it as “googling” the universe and seeing what it returned relative to your past lives and some of the lessons that (perhaps) this life can teach.

I’ll spare you most of the details but one of the most profound insights she shared was relative to some of my past careers. As it turns out, I delivered for the pony-express in a past life. To say that I was under-whelmed by that vocational revelation is an understatement. I was certain that I had a far more glamorous pedigree … my vision for myself was far different than what she was describing. I was also a Roman tax-collector (what?!) Anyways, the perplexing story of my past lives stayed with me for years preceding REALM and, from time to time, I’d think about some of those insights that the intuitive shared with me that afternoon with a bit of skepticism.

It wasn’t until recently that a very close friend brought the entire context into light with his perspective. As I was describing the embarrassing and underwhelming revelations of my past-life resume, he had exactly the opposite reaction. His insight was that REALM is the embodiment of the very thing that the pony express represents in history. It made perfect sense to him that my past lives were helping to inform the present. Connecting people regardless of geography or distance through revolutionary communication is foundational in every aspect of our culture. It’s what “I” did all of those 100’s of years ago and it’s what we’re revolutionizing today. I’ll be forever grateful for that piece of insight and wisdom from my friend…he changed my perspective on a role that I had diminished and helped me realize that, often, the most glamorous roles are not the impetus of innovation. Innovation comes from those who set out on a course and unwaveringly continue their journey towards the goal regardless of the hardship or reward they might encounter. Be it by horse or otherwise, it seems that I’ve been on this trail for a long time…and I am so excited about what’s ahead. And, whether you believe the “woo-woo” or note, I’m so grateful that each of your paths are joining mine.