Location Luxe: Los Cabos with Ian Gengos

December 17, 2023

On this edition of Location Luxe, we embark on a journey from the ocean to the beach, from cutting-edge luxury to the historic downtown of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Join us as we explore this beautiful region with an expert in all things luxury, Ian Gengos. From stunning marinas to magnificent estates, from vibrant art districts to world-class cuisine, San Jose del Cabo has it all. Let’s dive into this enchanting destination and experience the ultimate in luxury living.

Our adventure begins at the San Lucas Marina, where the region’s history as a fishing hotspot comes to life. In the 1920s and 1930s, this area was known for its tuna processing plants, which set the stage for Cabo’s rise as a fishing destination. Ian Gengos, our guide, is not only a real estate expert but also a connoisseur of oceanic wonders. He was drawn to this region by the mesmerizing Sea of Cortez, often referred to as the “aquarium of the world.”

The Sea of Cortez boasts an abundance of marine life, including various whale species, sea lions, and diverse fish species. Visitors can indulge in activities like scuba diving, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding. Additionally, the Baja 1000 off-road race is a thrilling annual event that attracts adrenaline seekers from around the world.

As we sail along the coastline, we encounter Neptune’s Finger, an underwater wonder where sand appears to flow like an hourglass into the deep waters. Another iconic sight is “El Arco,” a magnificent rock formation. On one side lies Lovers Beach, accessible from the marina, while the other side is known as Divorce Beach. Both offer unique experiences.

Our journey continues with a visit to two luxurious resort properties in the Dia Monte Diamondbacks master-planned community: Hard Rock Resort and Nobuo Resort and Residences. These properties offer an array of amenities, including a massive man-made lagoon and a signature Tiger Woods Golf Course. Beach Estates 11 is a beachfront property we explore, showcasing the epitome of indoor-outdoor living.

One thing that stands out in Cabo is the warm and courteous hospitality. The locals welcome visitors with open arms, creating a unique sense of camaraderie. The culture, history, and the blend of luxury with a relaxed atmosphere make Cabo a place to fall in love with.

Moving from the beach to the historic district of San Jose del Cabo, we discover an area steeped in history. It features “Pueblos Magicos,” or magical villages, representing the missionary stops made by Jesuits on their pilgrimage through Mexico. The community combines culture, history, and a relaxed atmosphere where billionaires in beach shorts dine alongside locals.

We explore the historic mission built 250 years ago, which has become the heart of the art district. The area comes alive with rooftop restaurants and art galleries that transition from day to night.

In today’s world, luxury is about defining one’s unique sense of comfort and enjoyment. Cabo offers an ala carte menu of experiences for visitors to choose from, ensuring they create their own unforgettable stories.

We visit Palmilla Beach, a stunning spot for swimming that seamlessly connects to the art district in San Jose. The iconic Palmilla Hotel, frequented by Hollywood stars like John Wayne and Lucille Ball, adds to the charm of the region.

Our journey takes us to Hacienda 705, a remarkable property showcasing the evolution of hacienda-style homes into modern luxury. The warmth and family aspect of this property make it a legacy worth experiencing.

To culminate our journey, we savor a delightful meal at one of the finest restaurants in Cabo. With Michelin-star chefs and breathtaking settings, the culinary scene in Cabo is an experience in itself.

Our day of exploration in San Jose del Cabo has been nothing short of extraordinary. From the stunning landscapes to the luxurious properties, from the rich culture to the delectable cuisine, Cabo has left an indelible mark on our hearts. Thanks to our expert guide, Ian Gengos, we’ve had the privilege of discovering the true essence of luxury in this captivating destination. Until next time, salut! Cheers to the wonders of Cabo.

Ian Gengos, is a highly acclaimed and respected real estate agent in San Jose Del Cabo. Ian is among the most sought-after agents in the industry, representing the luxury real estate market in the picturesque locations of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. With years of experience in the field, Ian has a deep understanding of the local market and is known for his exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

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