Ultra-wealthy homebuyers love NYC, London and Hong Kong

Ultra-high net worth individuals are flocking to Naples, Florida

Luxury homes can be found anywhere in the world, but certain cities have a higher number of luxury properties — and homebuyers with the budgets to purchase them — than others. Agents working in these affluent areas have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the luxury markets there.

Altrata has released a report, sponsored by REALM, to help luxury agents zoom in on the most profitable areas of their business and focus their attention on the cities with the highest potential for luxury buyers.

“The report, “Residential Real Estate 2023: Spotlight on the World’s Leading Markets for the Wealthy” is informed by Wealth-X analysis of its data which covers 4 million of the wealthiest people in the world from over 175 countries combined with the global insights from REALM’s membership comprised of elite real estate professionals from over 100 different brands, 40 states and 12 countries, the report represents some of the most comprehensive observations available in the industry,” said REALM founder, Julie Faupel.