For engaging with REALM.

From utilizing the REALM™ content library, to landing a listing, to connecting with a trusted advisor halfway across the country, we have defined the ways to connect with your REALM. Remember, connections lead to relationships. And we all know what relationships lead to.

  1. Make a goal of connecting with 5 new REALM members per week. Particularly those members with clients matching your listings.
  2. Engage one of the REALM Founding Partners to help with a challenging listing or client situation. Ensure that your clients know the depth and breadth of experience that you have at your finger-tips.
  3. Use REALM intelligence garnered from your listing to plan a customized marketing plan that targets specific demographics.
  4. Make it a goal to reach out to 10 clients and tell them about your new REALM membership and how it will benefit them as a buyer or seller.
  5. Every quarter review and update your client’s REALM profiles.
  6. Continuously review your client list and refine/add/delete tags to make the client profile as accurate and up to date as possible.
  7. Attend one of the REALM networking events.
  8. Follow up with every agent that views your profile with an introductory call or email to get to know them better.
  9. Reach out to architecturally significant properties in your market and explain how REALM can help to find them buyers.
  10. Reach out to active developers in your market and explain to them how REALM can help to vet their project prior to breaking ground as well as explain the benefits of a “phased” release through REALM..
  11. Use exclusive access to the REALM platform to recruit other top producing agents to your brokerage.