Coming Soon! The Global Luxury Report on Residential Real Estate

February 27, 2023 by Julie Faupel

Knowledge is a luxury created by investment. Growing up in Michigan, I was never a great student; too social. So…for me, my knowledge acquisition process has been largely through expensive mistakes. That said, I’ve found that the more you invest in your own knowledge, be it time, positive or negative experiences or actual resources, the more valuable you are to those you’re advising. Through REALM, our members are so generous in constantly and unabashedly providing knowledge and insight. And, in order to be cultivating such an insightful membership, we have to constantly challenge ourselves to elevate our alliances. At the end of the month we are proudly debuting our most recent collaboration with Wealth-X – The Global Luxury Report on Residential Real Estate. Informed by data collected from 4-million of the wealthiest people in the world from over 175 countries combined with the global insights from REALM’s membership comprised of elite real estate professionals from over 100 different brands, 40 states and 12-countries, the report represents some of the most comprehensive observations available in the industry. As REALM continues to grow as a network of trusted advisors we are looking not just within our sphere of influence but to other trusted advisories that offer their own perspectives regarding the psychology of the affluent. As the industry’s most diverse group of thought leaders, REALM does more than merely report data, we offer a forward-looking view of what the industry looks like from a futurist perspective.

How does that help the REALM membership?

  • The report is an exclusive collaboration between REALM and Wealth-X, our members contribute to the report and they are the first to receive and distribute the findings.
  • The report analyzes historic data so that we can better predict where future trends are going.
  • When you are advising a client or a developer on where their next acquisition should be or who the likely buyer is for their property, the report enables you to have that global insight regarding today’s markets and the lifestyle affinities driving demand.
  • While media may sensationalize, the facts remain. Take New York and Los Angeles, perfect examples of markets that experienced recession following the pandemic. The reality is that those markets are still some of the strongest when it relates to the preferences of HNW and UHNW clients.
  • You want an agent that is relentless in their pursuit of knowledge and the bandwidth of the membership and the data consolidated within REALM is unparalleled in the industry.
  • This report is only a fraction of the information available to our members.
  • The world is a very big place. The history-making highs of 2020 and 2021 were largely without international travel. Now that the borders are open and, in some cases, currencies are stronger than the dollar, we need to be mindful of ALL markets driving demand, not just in the US – this report provides an informed, succinct global perspective.