REALM connects members by ‘matching’ buyers and listings

Luxury’s newest real estate platform leverages lifestyle information

Julie Faupel started in the hospitality industry. Before she launched her successful real estate brokerage in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Faupel worked with top hotels where she was able to create—and recreate—guest experiences across properties.

“We could replicate the stay of a guest whether she was in Paris, New York, or Des Moines,” Faupel said. “We could provide the same style of suite, the same sheets, the same exact breakfast… because we had the data.” But the same isn’t true in the real estate industry. “We don’t capitalize on any of the information that we have. Instead, we force our clients to re-educate us in every market they go into.”

Faupel set out to change that with REALM™ Global. As founder and CEO, she knew she wanted to build something in service to the agent, which in turn would create for the client that truly customized experience.

Technology to enhance—not replace—relationships

The REALM platform is about data. It collects and encrypts the agent’s client information. Then it augments the profiles with lifestyle affinities from publicly available data. Attributes such as being an art collector, a triathlete, or a die-hard fan of Dobermans are added to client profiles, making them more specific and robust.