Julie Faupel on a Day in a Canoe Podcast

Julie Faupel: Owner of Jackson Hole Real Estate and Founder of REALM
Day in a Canoe Podcast

In this episode, Nathan and Julie Faupel discuss:

Julie is the owner of Jackson Hole Real Estate and the newly launched REALM, a Real Estate tech company. Decision making around risk taking. Her recipe for success rooted around mindset. Connection and authenticity with people on your journey.

Key Takeaways: There is always a balance in risk taking. Have a healthy perspective on your life and your support makes it easier to charge head long into a risky situation. Don’t be afraid of hard work – it might be scary or difficult, but good things will come. Develop compassion for people in their journeys as they are now. Fear is what keeps us small.

“The more you bring your most authentic self to the table, the better results you get from other people, the more honest the communications are, the higher you can actually achieve.” — Julie Faupel

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